BI Developer/Analyst

We are seeking experienced BI Developer/Analyst’s to join our Data & Analytics team. As a BI Developer/Analyst you will collaborate with our internal technology and delivery teams on ongoing projects.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for aggregation of data from multiple sources into an efficient data warehouse and designing reporting solutions for large multidimensional databases.
  • Translate business needs to technical specifications and collaborate with teams to integrate systems
  • Maintain and support data analytics platforms
  • Conduct developer testing and troubleshooting and evaluate and improve existing BI systems and processes
  • Develop and execute database queries and aid in development
  • Develop standard reports and functional dashboards based on business requirements
  • Support proper data governance processes and policies; implement and/or validate data lineage, quality checks, classification, etc.
  • Identify data inconsistencies, provide workarounds, and report them to stakeholders
  • Troubleshoot data issues, validate result sets, and implement process improvements
  • Develop and update technical documentation and adhere to documented SDLC steps and deliverables
  • Partner and collaborate with technical and non-technical stakeholders to solve complex business problems by gathering requirements, prototyping and testing, or enhancing existing solutions to meet new requirements.


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Comp Science, MIS, IT or a closely related field. 
  • 2 years’ experience using data analyst methodologies
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of analytics, data cleaning, model building, and statistics

Required Skills:

  • Experience with visualization tools (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, Business Objects, Excel)
  • Understanding of addressing and metadata standards.
  • SSRS - required for doing canned and ad hoc reports.
  • SSIS - required for integration work.
  • SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) - including experience with - Structured Query Language (T-SQL)/ coding transact - SQL, writing queries, stored procedures, triggers, functions & building tables.
  • Experience with relational database management systems and ETL (Extract, transform, load) framework.
  • Knowledge of data warehouse design (e.g. dimensional modeling) and data mining.
  • Insight into Python, R, Weka, and other programming languages.

How To Apply:

Please send email to with the following information

  1. Please include Applicant Name and Position Title you are applying to in subject line
  2. Please provide a brief (not more than 250 words) introduction about yourself and why you are the right fit for the position
  3. Attach your resume. Please ensure that you include Date and Job